Lockin Smart Lock X1
Luxury Rose Gold | 6 Unlocking Modes
Works with Mi Home App
Luxury Rose Gold
Fashionable & versatile New color
6 Unlocking Modes
Fingerprint, PIN, App (Bluetooth), Mechanical Key, Temporary PIN, NFC Card
Highly Impact Resistant
Single Integrated Aluminum Panel
Home Renovation PIN
Easy handover once complete
a renovation is completed
App Management
Easily access lock usage history
Remote Notification
Consecutive failed verification,
lock-picking, low battery
One-Touch Open
Semiconductor fingerprint
recognition module
Supports linkage
Supports linkage with multiple
Mi Home products
*Remote notification, Mijia linkage and app management functions must be used with Mijia Bluetooth gateway.
Luxury Rose
Luxury rose gold plus classic
black - fashionable,
simple, and versatile. High-end
yet low-key.
Comprehensive Security Design
Meticulously crafted, polished details, and reliable quality.
Integrated handle
Golden ratio
Virtual PIN
6-digits fixed PIN +
10-digits (max) virtual PIN
Independent latch bolt
Push knob
Anti-pet/child unlock
Peephole lock-picking
Effectively protect your home
from peephole lock-pickers
6 Unlocking
App (Bluetooth)
Mechanical Key
Temporary PIN
NFC Card
*Temporary code needed to connect with Bluetooth One-time code can be set remotely, does not need a gateway NFC card must be purchased separately.
Professional Quality Assurance
fingerprint reader click tests
handle press tests
-10℃ ~ 55℃
temperature test
fingerprint reader
sweat tests
96 hours
96 hours of salt
spray tests
8,000 Newton
lock panel
hydrostatic tests
*Source: Lockin Lab
Built-in Stainless Steel Clutch
Remains locked even if the panel is broken
Safe, strong, and durable.
Renovation PIN
Initialization PIN for decorators
and workers during your home
Safety is ensured as the
initialization PIN will be
invalidated after you pair the
lock and move back in.
Local Alarm + Remote Notification
Local alarm and remote app notification will be activated
following consecutive failed verification attempts, lock
picking detection, or low battery.
*Remote alarm requires connection to mijia Bluetooth gateway
Mi Home Smart Linkage
Linkage with Mi Home products. Enables multiple smart home
scenarios including automatic light, curtain,
and music control upon your arrival home.
*This function requires connection with Mi Smart Home Hub
(Supports Singapore Server)
One-Stop App Management
Lock/ Unlock History
Check all lock/unlock history at any time
*Excludes lock/unlock history with mechanical keys
Fingerprint/ PIN
Add or delete fingerprint/ PIN Generate temporary PIN
Arrival Notification
Timely notifications when family members unlock the door
*Remote viewing requires connection to the Mijia Bluetooth gateway
Unlocking Modes : Fingerprint, PIN, APP (Bluetooth), Temporary PIN, Mechanical Key, NFC Card
Material : Aluminum alloy
Bolt : Lock cylinder
Install : Mortise
Cylinder Level : Level C
Fingerprint reader : Semiconductor sensor
PIN Length : 6 digits, supports 10-digit (max) virtual PIN
Emergency Power : Type-C
Battery Life : 12 months
Note: The above data has been collected in the laboratory based on door being
opened and closed 10 times a day. Actual battery life depends on user habits and
actual usage
Endurable Temperature : -10°C ~ 55°C
Applicable Door : Wooden Door, Security Door
Applicable Door Thickness : 40-120mm
PIN capacity : 50 sets
Fingerprint capacity : 50 sets
Power Supply : 4*AA dry battery
App: Mi Home App
Wireless Connection : Bluetooth
Encryption Chip : MJA1
Clutch Locking Method : Handle uplift
Lock Body : Original Lock Body (Standard), Overlord Lock Body with Locking Hook (Optional)
Note: Mi Home product linkage, arrival home notification, and App management
functions require Bluetooth gateway to work. (e.g.Xiaomi AI Speaker, Mi Smart
Home Hub)