Remote control
Full control,
anytime anywhere
Auto lock
Accurate auto-lock Temporarily Disabled Auto Lock
Easy installation
10-15 mins
quick installation
Safe and secure
Locally saved passwords and fingerprints
Access Authorization
Freely manage access authorization with the member and password function. It's organized and trackable, members are listed, and you can choose from three password types: one-time, time-limited, and permanent.
Add or delete home members
Password management
Remote control
Check your lock and door status anytime anywhere, get to know which and when family members come and go through the log, and, importantly, you can also lock and unlock the door remotely.
Status check
*Remote control features require a Wi-Fi bridge.
3 ways to unlock the door
You can unlock your door with your fingerprints, the Lockin Home App, and passwords. Convenient and secure access to those who need it, from family members to authorized maintainers and cleaners.
With a door sensor, the Lockin G30 can accurately detect your door status, and auto-lock the door. Forget to lock your door? G30 has you covered.
Temporarily Disable Auto Lock
Press the G30 button three times to temporarily disable the auto-lock. Perfect for when just quickly taking out the trash.
Lockin G30 Keypad Pro
Lockin G30 Keypad
Fingerprint Unlock
Lockin G30 keypads are weatherproof and wireless, they work seamlessly with G30. Keypad Pro features fingerprint recognition.
One touch unlock
Secure password entry
LED backlight
Guest passwords
Weatherproof IPX5 rated
Easy Installation
You need only 10-15 mins to install the Lockin G30 on the back of your door, throwing or changing the original lock is not necessary. There is no damage to the door or original lock after Lockin G30 is installed.
10-15 mins
DIY installation
Compatible Check
*If you are lived in European, you need to check your door is compatible with the G30 smart lock
Secure Encryption
The passwords and fingerprints are encrypted and locally saved, so you don't need to worry about any information leakage.
Smart Life
Lockin G30 works with Alexa and Google Assistant, talk to Alexa and Google and let them help you lock, unlock, or check the door status.
Unlock Methods :
Fingerprint/App/PIN Code/Voice Assistant*
PIN Codes :
Up to 50 Groups
Power :

4 x AA Batteries

Low battery Notification
Physical :
L125*W62*H57 mm
345 g (Batteries Included)
Communication :
Wi-Fi**, Bluetooth
Fingerprints :
Up to 20 Groups
Voice Assistant :
Google Home / Alexa
Working Temperature :

Lock:0℃ - 50℃

Keypad:-10℃ t- 50℃
Installation :
10-15 mins
Auto-Lock :
Supports, with a door sensor
Storage Temperature :
-30℃ to 70℃
Color :
Accessories :
Keypad, Keypad Pro, Wi-Fi Bridge
*To verify you’re the house owner, you need to tell the correct pass word to Alexa or Google.
** Wi-Fi Bridge required