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On 19 April, Wyze Lock Bolt was officially launched on Wyze's website ( The new product is built with Lockin and uses Lockin's advanced security technology. Wyze Lock Bolt is the third co-branding cooperation between the two companies. It will be available in the US and Canada first at the friendly prices of $79.98 USD and 104.98 CAD.
Wyze Lock Bolt is featured with faster and more secure fingerprint unlocking, and can also be unlocked by a number keypad and the app. It allows users to view the history of the lock through the app. Like Wyze's other products, the retail price of the Wyze Lock Bolt is less than $80, but the performance and design are far beyond your expectations.
"Lockin is dedicated to providing products with innovative technology that everyone in the world can use. When you build a global and trusted brand, the sense of pride or achievement comes spontaneously. I think this is a starting point for the establishment of Lockin." Bill Chen, the CEO of Lockin, said.
Lockin and Wyze have been cooperating since 2019. In December 2019, Lockin and Wyze released a co-branded a smart lock in North America, which was the first smart door lock product in Wyze's history. 5,000 units were sold in 9 hours. In March 2022, the second co-branded product, Wyze Gun Safe, was released on Wyze's website, and was highly rated by consumers and media.
The partnership helps increase the brand awareness of Lockin in North America, and a large number of consumers use home security products with Lockin's cutting-edge technology. In just 8 years since its establishment in 2014, Lockin has been the leader in the Chinese apartment smart lock market and one top brand of consumer smart locks. Business in overseas markets has expanded to 12 countries and regions. Now Lockin is growing fast, planning to launch more products for North American consumers.
Barry Wang, Director of Lockin's international business unit (, expressed his thoughts on the future of the North American market, "North America is currently the world's largest smart door lock market, and it will be one of the key markets of Lockin in the next few years." In the future, Lockin will focus on smart security products for North American consumers, especially smart locks, with secure, advanced, and intuitive features. For more information, you can visit
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