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On May 18, Lockin and Blockchain Lock jointly held a new product launch press conference, released new product Lockin Smart Lock G30 and Lockin Smart Lockbox L1, officially announce Lockin’s new chapter in Japan. During the press conference Lockin Smart Lock G30 debuted. Lockin also announced the global launch of the G30.
Chen Bin, founder and CEO of Lockin, and Ken Okamoto, CEO of Blockchain Lock CEO, have delivered speeches at the press conference and showed features of G30 to the press. Lockin and Blockchain Lock also invited Mr. Yutaka Yasuoka, business director of Tuya Smart, to discuss the importance of smart locks for IoT Home security, and the Japanese market difference from European and US markets.
“G30 is designed for over 40 countries and regions, mainly Japan, US, and Europe, it’s the most compatible smart lock in the Lockin’s history. Users only need to spend 10-15 mins to complete the installation without damaging the door and the original lock. We are confident that the Lockin Smart Lock G30 can change many people's views and start to try and experience smart locks.” Chen Bin said.
As the third-largest economy in the world, Japan has a higher penetration rate of smart security household, the smart lock industry has a broad development space. Chen Bin said, “Japan is an important part of Lockin's global strategy, and we’re confident in its development.” Lockin is proud of its first-class R&D and technical innovation, it has over 200 experienced engineers and more than 400 technical patents.
In addition, Lockin’s partner, Blockchain Lock, has been active in the Japanese smart lock industry for many years, and has a deep understanding of this market and user demands. The strategic cooperation between the two companies will surely bring consumers a better smart security experience, thus gaining recognition from the Japanese consumers.
Since Lockin’s establishment in 2014, Lockin has grown into the world's leading smart security brand. Lockin is the top 1 brand in the Chinese rental market, with a market share of 75%. In the Chinese residential market, the finger vein smart locks of Lockin lead the industry trend, according to data from Tmall Strategy Center and Consumer and Industrial Development Research Institute, the market share of Lockin finger vein products is 88% and 91% respectively.
In the future, Lockin will work with partners to provide global consumers with a safe and convenient smart security experience relying on increasingly sophisticated Chinese technology and manufacturing. At the same time, Lockin will also carry out in-depth cooperation with Blockchain Lock to further enhance Lockin's investment and influence on the Japanese market and become the leading brand of smart home security in Japan.
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